The holiday season has past and many folks are most likely cheering in the streets!

This leaves me wondering, could this ache for the holidays looking a certain way be us humans contriving community?

Could the forming of community be presented to us as a one size fits all solution? You have to have family, children, pets, and a group you belong to…

Could this be part of the problem to all this depression?

There appears to be a stigma that if you don’t have some circle to belong to…that if you don’t have a “tribe” or some group of “like minded” folks…there is something wrong with you and you are not in community.

The world appears to alienate you and often you can end up feeling alone.

What if  your community is simply belonging to yourself?

What if you belong when you are in Nature?

What if you belong when you are riding your bike?

What if you can even belong when you are talking with the cashier at the grocery store?

What if – you can find community where ever you are standing, breathing and or simply being?

What if you belong to the moment?

Like in line the other day at the Car Registration office…I chatted with a nice gal about the snow and the fact we were both happy we went to the grocery store the day prior. We got a good giggle out of that…

What if…

What if…”Community” is as easy as that …?

The way I see it, the world is our community and we create community with how we wish to interact with the world as we move throughout our day.

Do we always have to be at a specialized gathering to be in “community”?

I invite you to interact a bit more with someone you encounter today and begin to form community…

And as you see the same folks each day…perhaps…slowly, over time, a deeper connection will form…one kind word, smile and curious question at a time…

As we learn to simply Be Community.