Eventually what is bottled up – expires.

 Archived, collecting dust, sitting on a shelf. What else was I to do with them? I had been carrying around my pent up emotions for what seemed like lifetimes. Lacking the appropriate curatorial skills I secretly searched for someone who could “manage” my extensive collection for me.  Without the proper training in “containment,” I poured my collection out onto everyone I met throughout my day.

Emotions, never felt, heard, or loved were like jars upon jars neatly labeled and stacked on shelves. They were collecting dust as they waited for the wall around my heart to fall. Could I possibly give myself the kind of LOVE that I desired?

People kept telling me to “suck it up.” Well, I discovered emotions are equivalent to freshly canned jars of jam. If the lids aren’t sealed correctly they will pop their tops – spoiling the sweetness hidden inside. To avoid continuing to spoil the sweetness in my life, I listened with holy ears to my own past pain. I was amazed at how fast I healed.

Everyday Enlightenment Tip:  Prior to getting in the shower, ask yourself, “Are there any sounds I can make to clear my Heart so I may walk through this day responding rather than reacting to life?”  You may also find it helpful to add, “Please help me to release any sounds that will assist me in moving through my current issue with _____.” Be as specific as you like. Then step into the stream of water from your shower and allow whatever sounds to rise within you to come out. Your body’s wisdom will take over and guide your release. Think of it as keeping those jars empty. Give it a full 40 days to get used to, and yes, you may feel a bit silly at first. So what? I mean honestly, who is watching?