I take the dreamtime seriously. For me it is an extension of my life.  

Having had lucid dreams and wild experiences in the dreamtime my whole life – I have for the past 13 yrs. or so been actively working to become more fully awake in the dreamtime.

So that my dreams are not the boss of me, but that I am an active participant within them.

Like many of you, I can smell, read, feel, hear, see color, write and other fun things in the dreamtime…yet the one thing that has eluded me has been not going into fear.

When I am confronted in the dreamtime by a guide or a lesson of some nature – I had a very hard time asking what was going on or to directly ask the guide or person being presented to me what was up…and most often I would forget to ensure they were there for my highest good. I needed to use my voice and stand in my power in the dreamtime!

I find it essential to set a clear intention for sleeping soundly. I go to sleep with an intention of taking charge in the dreamtime. I actually state “I will take charge in the dreamtime.” With consistent practice I am able to confront situations in the dreamtime that have tricked me for years!  Yes, we can even make choices in the dreamtime!

What I am aiming for is consistency of this ability – to say NO to what I don’t want and YES to what I do want…even in the dream time!  This is my active practice…

For then I can have peace and grace even within the dreamtime – something to move towards!

Here are my Everyday Enlightenment Tips to stand in your power in the dreamtime:

1. Watch what time you go to bed. Is there a time that assists you in going to bed and staying more present in the dreamtime?

For me, if I go to bed tired I am not as aware in the dreamtime – at all. I must go to bed near 8:00 pm to dream the way I feel called. I take the dreamtime seriously, as it is where I learn a great deal about who I am and how to navigate the spirit realm.  Take notice of what time works for you and commit to this for yourself. 

2. Ask – yes, as simple as that – ASK with a knowing in your heart that you can do this – ASK to TAKE CHARGE in the dreamtime. ASK to be fully awake and aware in the dreamtime so you can remember your dreams upon awaking and be active in them. It works! and yes, you again must be consistent.

3. Work with your dreams. When you wake up – write them down and ask yourself what they mean to you…see if you can remember how you felt in them. Watch your day unfold and see if you are learning the same lessons in daily life…how can your actions in the dreamtime assist you on a day to day level?

Most of all have fun learning!