In my experience, there are many layers to finding one’s center and this can be a real ride. At least I found that to be true. In the beginning of this journey I had no idea how off center I was, but one day, many years ago, I finally was able to witness my wild thinking. And that marked the beginning of coming into my center.

We have to recognize our minds chatter. That it is keeping us from the stillness, peace and love that is at our center.

We have to find a way to peel it off of our center, becoming the observer of ourselves.

Of course I am going to advocate for my Soul Work at this point. As I have done this level of energy work on myself for years and it is responsible for my freedom. However, today we are going to talk about a bit of the skill set needed to navigate the human aspect of finding our center.

Jumping ahead a bit let us land at the place of being aware of our chatter to a degree that we are able to discern it and maintain our center.

In my experience I can very quickly determine if I am off center or being pulled off center by my chatter with one easy phrase.

“Do I feel peaceful with these thoughts?”

My mind or ego gets pissed off when life is not unfolding the way it thinks it should be or wants it to be. And the chattery story of negativity begins.

I can discern this as it feels like a swirl. It feels like it’s circling in my head where there is no real answer or conclusion. It feels like a lot of emotion. None of which are peace, stillness or love.

Mostly I feel negativity, fear, dissatisfaction and irritation.

Dropping into my center fast – I breathe into my full body and I ask myself “Do I feel peaceful with these thoughts?”


So I breathe again and stop this circling in the mind. I simply exercise my strength of my will and stop it.

Now realize it has taken years for me to get to this point. I am writing from a place of you too being at this place where the grip of the mind isn’t as strong and with one question you can drop back into your center and continue strengthening the relationship to your wise self – Your Soul.

What the chatter needs to realize and begins to realize is that no matter what is happening in life allowing it all to unfold is also fine. As one can step into the moment and make decisions there…there is no need for this future anxiousness and being angry about what hasn’t happened yet…for when the moments get there it will be dealt with accordingly. No one will use or abuse you. You can exercise your discernment in the moment too.

It takes practice. Like anything else, in every ordinary moment life provides us with practice. I once had a workshop participant say to me at the end of a very new experience for them “What if I forget all of this?”

I said to them “You can’t, because you now have a direct experience of your still centered point. So when the chatter acts up again you – the observer you that was born today – will step in and say “Wait a minute…this doesn’t feel like peace. What is this?” life will provide you with the moments…nothing to seek nor forget as you had a taste of Home.”

As each situation arises you will gain strength to stay centered because you won’t want to allow things to pull you astray.

Think of it all as play!

Sing Your Soul Song,

Tina FireWolf