In the fall and winter months my “style” gets cramped. The wetter, cooler months dampen my practice of allowing myself to sink into myself and be sung by my Soul as I bask in nature 20 minutes each day. Now trust me, you’ll often see me nestled in a leaf pile or a snow bank of my making, but some days I take my respite in indoor comfort. That’s when I sit in magical chambers at sacred sites and allow myself to be sung by my Soul.

I avoided these places like the plague for a full year. Even though my Soul was calling me to sit in these sacred sites and be sung. Having grown up on a farm I was far more comfortable being in the woods than sitting indoors at churches.

What was I afraid of?

Why did my mind have some story about “churches” and who could or could not – should or should not – sit in them?

And even further, why did my mind have some story about what it meant if I did sit in a church?

Do you have to “worship” in similar ways in order to visit lovely places that speak to your Soul?

For me these sacred sites captivate me for three reasons: the first being the stillness I enter as I walk into the space, second is the artwork that often surrounds me and third are the sounds that rise from within me as I allow myself to sink beneath the chatter and into my Soul.

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Obviously for decades people have had powerful and mystical experiences with the Unseen. Each grappling with their own way of expressing the experience.

Take a look at the photo in this article.

Who first depicted angels? What did they feel and experience? Was there a certain essence in the air?

Why couldn’t I simply – in addition to what worked for me in regards to my connection to nature – allow these sacred sites to speak to me too?

I was at one of my most treasured sites the day I took this photo. As I sat alone I wondered how many people ached to enter these sacred sites, but felt “funny” about doing it?

The acoustics alone transport a person within – like a magical cavern-like a chamber within the heart. Where there is an ease of sinking beneath the chatter as soon as one settles into a pew.

I find taking time out each day “For the LOVE of “God” to simply BE, to breathe and not think or allow the mind to lead me into some whirlwind of story. But to tune into my still centered point – my wise self – slowly builds a new strength to this stillness and releases us from the stresses of daily human life. You become, I have found, more even keeled, connected to your Wise Self and the Unseen, however you choose to define it.

Is there a way to get beyond the dogma, the rituals and the need to have our way of experiencing life be “the right way” – so that these chambers of magic and mystery reveal their stillness secrets to us especially within these wintry months?

Look for me singing at various sacred sites near you.

If you would like to be sung by your Soul – to soften so deeply within yourself to know your centered still point and sing yourself whole and discover your Medicine.

Join me at the next Sacred Site Sound Healing and let us journey inwardly together, be sung by our Soul, discover our own sound is Medicine and have some fun!