Could life be as simple as breathing deep and smiling?

Now that my mind is much more behaved – I agree, this can be true. After many deep, dark and long lasting years I have waded through enough of the wilderness of my emotions, past pain, unkempt habits etc. to say…

I am in love with the present moment!

My mind rests here. I am able to feel the sun on my skin and my mind doesn’t provide me with a story of the past or the future it simply is able to feel the moment fully alive!

How did I achieve my level of inner peace?

By retraining myself whole…

Through release and loving acceptance of all of who I am. I am mean all. That includes my past pain and pent up emotions. It really was a total retraining and gaining of a skill set to navigate my sloppy humanness. To reteach myself all that I missed growing up. To redefine life for myself. It was, and is, a full time job.

I spent many years offering myself my Soul Work and developing my own Tools, Tips and Tales to make sense of the Self Leadership I needed to gain. In the writing of my book – Beneath the Chatter: the wise self awaits – I pulled it all together!

The Soul Work I have practiced for over 10 years on myself is a connection from my Soul to the Soul of All…(insert your own wording here – God etc.) These days sinking beneath the chatter is easier and faster. But, I tell you, there was a day that even a simple attempt was a living hell and a battle ground.

One thing I discovered is that you have to really want to get control over that chaos within!

You have to truly desire to steer your own ship.

You have to sink your teeth in and stop the crazy cycle of co-dependency and all the other habits that have gone on for far to long within…YOU are in charge of stopping this insanity that so often exists within.

I honed my abilities as a Middle School Science Educator. This is where I gained the  ability to distill complex topics of Self Leadership and the general understanding of Human Nature into digestible and lighthearted lessons. My students loved it! One day a little boy said to me “Why doesn’t anyone tell us this stuff?”

That is when I knew I was on the right track!

As I learned to empower myself – I empowered my students to grow and succeed!

So why not the entire world?

The Soul Work are unique in that they are combined with Self Leadership work and empowering follow up support so you are leading yourself forward when we are not together. The energy work connects you to your Soul and shifts you into higher and higher states of operating.

Through my ability to deeply meditate and hold a high frequency capacity, I offer you tones as an energetic experience which remind your being the level you wish to be operating at in order for your humanness to catch up to your Soul’s Desire.

It is my gift. People always want to know How do I do this? It is a gift. I am happy to share more with you in a complimentary call. Feel free to get to know me and see if we are a fit 828 – 329 – 9589. 

I operate in life, at a level, that has taken great dedication and consistent practice for me to maintain …I offer this as a service to you.

Grounded in my humanness.

Aware of my awesome expansiveness.

Able to share, in general terms, the Science behind it all.

If I may be of service to you.

Give me a call.

Not only do I not bite 🙂

It’s a complimentary call of heart felt connection.

Sing Your Soul Free,

Tina FireWolf