I am all about keeping life simple. Keeping my personal growth throughout life fun, integrated into my day to day life and keeping the concepts I am learning easily digestible.

So, do you know how to surf?

I find this to be key in my day to day navigation of myself.

I must surf the emotions and thoughts that often churn on within me. I need to use my inner tool kit to keep myself in my center – to keep myself firming standing at the helm of this awesome ship that I am – Tina FireWolf.

It is that simple.

Learn to interface with you. All of you. Even those parts of yourself that you truly wish didn’t exist. Like you anger. Your sadness. Your anxiety. Your judgment.

Remember being a kid at the beach jumping and playing in the waves?

Remember the feeling of being on top of the wave as it came into shore? Remember the lifting upwards and forward you would feel? Freedom, oneness and joy! Ever wonder how you were able to catch that wave?

You were paying attention. You were alert and watchful, waiting for it to come…you were anticipating.

So as you go out today and are rushing off to do this and that…remember you aren’t a saint…you are a lovely human. And like the ocean you have waves that come onto the shores of your heart all day long. So anticipate them. Be aware of yourself. And when they do come crashing upon your shores. Breathe. Stop and breathe. Stop and recenter. Stop and ask yourself – “What is the matter?” “What do you need?”

Be gentle on yourself. Remember you are not a saint. You are divinely perfect human. Sloppy and gorgeous in your efforts to stand strong at the helm of your heart.

If you can’t seem to stand strong. Perhaps you need some support.

I know I did. For many, many years. And I do a tune up on myself daily!

My Soul Work sessions are designed to empower you to understand your humanness so you can navigate it…and gain again control of your ship.

Until then…


The Inner Surf is always up 🙂

Sing Your Soul Free,