As I learn to be more still, still within each moment, I am able to watch myself more closely.

It truly is a gift.

Why, you ask?

Because I am able to tune into the truth of what it is that I really wish to express.  To stop and ask myself – “What is it that I am really wanting to say?”  “What is it that I am really feeling?”

I am now able to stop, breathe and actually say what I mean!  Yes, this has been years of practice and continues every day!

Over the years, as I have worked to remove the triggers that kept me reacting to life rather than responding – I am finally able, with heartfelt expression, say what is actually the core of the issue at hand.

I see many people locked in heated discussions where they are pulling and pushing on one another for a reaction, but never really say what they truly are feeling. They get lost in fear, anger and other emotions and swirl around in their heads – having yelling matches rather than conversation.  When disconnected you can’t feel the truth beneath all that chatter!  Yes, some days are better than others…this is not about perfection!  It is about being aware and doing our best to fully express ourselves in LOVE.

It takes a willingness to be open, raw and even vulnerable…to be real…to let go of “being nice” and really describe for another how we feel.  To open up the conversation into a more loving place for all involved.

You have to be willing to put yourself out there – to speak directly and yes, take a chance of not being understood.  But here is what I am finding – you can’t get hurt if you are simply giving from the Core Heart and not needing anything in return. Speaking from this place of our Core Heart reconnects us to ourselves, to others and to the mysterious current of LOVE in the world.