Melanie Fitzpatrick interviews me…we had a great time! Even did some sound healing at the end for all of you! Enjoy!

” I have a good one for you this week folks! You are going to love Tina FireWolf’s refreshingly unfiltered energy and persona! She is quite the pioneering spirit! As a Middle School Science Educator, Artist, Reiki Master and Sound Healer, she now dedicates herself to facilitating the reconnection to our wise Self,  and to remembering our fire within. She is the most recent author of BENEATH THE CHATTER – the wise self awaits.

She shares her story of growing up feral and how that has influenced her work today.

She reveals her tools for everyday enlightenment with us.

This skill set is a must for each of us to deepen into:

1) Respond instead of react to everyday life strife!

2) The only thing you can control is YOU!

3) Train your mind to stay in the present moment.

4) Accept yourself in each moment and allow whatever needs to come up!

She closes with a special treat – A Sound Healing for everyone!

This beautiful chant will be your ‘go to’ piece for peace over and over again! ”