This isn’t what I thought!

The ego screams get me out of here!

This isn’t what I thought it would be! Can you blame me it is 111 degrees today in the desert, but this was my leap of faith…to start my motivation speaking career here in Arizona…why here?  Can’t answer that…felt called.

Often we feel called to make a change, to take a risk – to follow the silent pull within our heart or in my case a stampede of wild horses!

Of course anytime we move into something new in our life we expect sunshine everyday.  So when what unfolds in front of us is less than pleasurable it is natural to question our initial intuition to go forth and take a leap in the first place.  We can easily slide into self-doubt and beat ourselves up for things not going as planned!  Before you do that – stop.

We are divine love in action – learning lessons, upon lessons – unwinding life times of old patterned thinking…always placed exactly where we are meant to be so we can learn and grow….yep, even if where we are stretches us and causes emotional stirring.  Like 111 degree heat.

So if you have taken a risk lately – as I have – and it has had moments of unfolding into a bed of nails – lie down on it with a smile on your face knowing that you aren’t a failure, you didn’t “screw up again”, you are merely unwinding a pattern and learning a new lesson or the same lesson again on a deeper level – bringing you into even a greater place of freedom!!

Remember there are no mistakes – all is as it needs to be – we unfold in the moment. As we are able to see more clearly as each breath passes, fear releases and the mind lets go.

So no matter what it is…take YOUR leap of faith.