When you get lost in the spiritual onslaught of definitions, jargon and woo woo talk that people use to desperately try to describe their mystical experiences, you sit and spin rather than “Consciously Maturing” and finally becoming the Conscious Leader that you know you are…

It is easy to get lost in all the workshops, lingo, and spiritual bullshit of the journey to express your Soul. Very often we get caught in a trap of having peek mystical experiences without the training to sustain this access and that level of frequency. You find yourself constantly seeking outside of yourself thinking someone else has answers, healing insights or abilities you don’t possess.

It’s not your fault. We have all been programmed to look outside of ourselves.

Remembering the how of Navigating and Elevating your Humanness makes it all easier and way more fun!

I discovered I was a kick-ass synthesizer of the complex psychological and spiritual principles. Even bigger, I remembered how to apply them to my life with great speed, ease, lasting effectiveness and a light-heart.

As a Conscious Leader, you need to understand the HOW of building Sustainable  Soul Centered Living. Ultimately this empowers you to find your way Home to a sense of centeredness, confidence and true Soul expression. Hence, the remembrance of your Mojo!

You will remember how to elevate your thoughts and the energetics of the body. You will develop the ability to navigate situations, relationships, and the communication of day to day living.

And sometimes, this means being willing to look at the “hidden” side of ourselves – you know all that stuff you would rather sweep under the rug or keep shoved in the recesses of your closet. It means being willing to call forward into your awareness the past pain, pent up emotions, physical pain, trauma, anxiety, etc…

I know how to facilitate a remembering because I have walked my self Home to Sustainable Soul Centered Living – and can with exquisite detail – illuminate this process for you. You will also build the relationship to your Stillness and Mojo so you can lead yourself and others.

This is based on my profound ability to sink people beneath their chatter and give them a direct experience of their Soul – that … you know, that kick ass powered part of you that has befriended fear and knows you to be connected with it all.

Working with me, you laugh, and you may cry. You will remember a whole new way of being. One you most likely have ached to know for a very long time.

No spiritual bullshit needed. Keep your faith, keep your beliefs and what works for you in that realm. This is simple and affective healing – reconstruction of your Mind, Body and connection to your Stillness and Mojo– so you can express your Soul.

In other words, live a life designed and defined by you – not your fearful mind who keeps you seeking safety, security and fitting in.

I offer specialized training that will ignite you to remember exactly who you are and how to interface in this world from your Stillness.

I Facilitate a Remembering for one reason. Conscious Leadership and Healing is for everyone and it can be sustainable, productive and fun!

And YOU hold the power – the key to getting there – you just need to remember How.

If you are a Conscious Leader working to be all that you can be and want to know you have the power to heal and lead yourself contact me for a complimentary 30 min. Soul Work session.