There’s a good chance that you are addicted to your emotions.

Still with me? Or are you boiling over right now?

I used to boil. I used to blow my lid off. I remember days when if something didn’t go my way I’d closely mimic a full blown temper tantrum.

An audience member who heard my recent TedX Asheville presentation entitled “Communicating from Chaos to LOVE” came up to me after and said, “I didn’t much appreciate being told “Containing Thyself” was my key to being of true service to humanity. Actually, it pissed me off.”

We got a good belly laugh from that!

Nope. Our ego, mood, or emotions – call it what you will – doesn’t much appreciate being “contained.”

And depending how long it has been running the show, a full inner family restoration may be in order. So that you wisdom will lead the show. This restoration process of the inner family can cause a bit of a disturbance.

I recently had a moment of solid practice. You know an in your face life moment where it sends you scurrying to your “Life Kit” and pulling out all the tools. It was a useful moment. I was able to witness exactly how far I had come since my days of being dragged by my emotions.

In a short 10 minute period, I vented, had a small burst of tears and then felt this overall tightness in my body and became aware enough to say “Tina you are choosing to suffer.”

I was attached to the outcome of a situation that wasn’t going the way I was informed it would go.

And that attachment was causing me to suffer.

I wanted things to go a certain way and they weren’t, so my emotions were right there to take me for a ride, while my mind told me a grand story of the lack of success I would experience in my life – for the rest of my life. Ah, the great producer of drama…my mind.

Do you see how I was causing my own suffering? Allowing my mind and emotions to run me was causing this suffering. When I needed to stay calm and connect to my still centered point. My wise self. My Soul. That is where the peace awaited me.

As I caught on to my demise, I grabbed my emotions and told my mind to “sit down.”

I closed my eyes. Looked down inside myself and breathed. I asked for my wise self to lead. I asked for the stillness in me to rise. I did all this as I breathed and looked down into my self. I asked and asked. And within a moment I was there…

It has taken me many years of dedicated practice to be able to have a strong enough relationship to this place within myself.

The good news.

It won’t take you that long.

It will take practice.

It does require a heart that truly longs to know this stillness and self control.

Healing is sped up these days. People are walking into entirely new ways of being, thinking and doing! In a snap! Comparatively speaking that is…

There are all kinds of theories out there as to why this is true.

I will offer you my short version. In my experience, we have entered critical mass of fear and disharmony on our planet. The pendulum must swing back toward peace.

And yes, we are each responsible for the levels of fear on the planet, and for the levels of peace.

In my experience, Containing Thyself or not is directly related to this levels.

If you would like to experience Everyday Enlightenment – if you would like to live fully connected to your still centered point. Your Soul.

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Let’s talk about something powerful you can do and this can be in addition to what may already be working for you. So that you form a really powerful plan for your evolution.
The question is will you continue to choose suffering or will you choose to remember how to Contain Thyself? How to let go of the need to be right…
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Sing Your Soul Song,