Folks often come to me when in a place of “I am over it! All of this!”  I remember vividly how awful that feeling is when you wake up one day and realize you have outgrown the spot you are at in life.

The key is to realize that a FULL shift needs to take place. It is not simply your physical proximity that is causing the issue. All of you has outgrown where you are at in life. So, all of you needs to heal and grow to continue forward movement.

For Example:

You can’t figure out what your next exciting move is in life if your mind is negative and fixated on what it doesn’t want…

You can’t figure out your next step in life if your physical health is poor and you are eating low quality, low vibrational processed foods.

You won’t move forward with ease and grace into the flow of life if you are emotionally racked with fears…….

So a plan for growth is to approach each piece of yourself with an action plan to heal…

Your Wisdom: Journaling and lots of asking yourself questions in regards to HOW you want your life to feel, look, and flow when it comes to your career. You need to take deep time to get to know yourself. So you can start to build a new life for yourself.  That may even look like visiting various jobs to see if there is a new line of work awaiting you. Perhaps looking into going back to school or creating an online business or even networking. This step takes deep time – slow, luxurious time where you are fascinated with getting to know you on a new level.

Fears can block us from hearing our Soul’s wisdom and that is where a Soul Direct Energy Session would come in handy. As it is you tapping into your guidance. I facilitate and create and hold a high vibrational space for you to bathe in and remember in more fully.

Your Mind: Another realm that, most likely, needs an over haul. (Mine sure did!) As you want to create a new life for yourself you must begin to realize that life responds to you! Your ability to maintain a present moment focus is critical to creating a new life for yourself. My book Beneath the Chatter details with Tools, Tips and Tales the HOW of making friends with my chatter and getting my “head on straight” again in my life to get clear and begin the heavy lifting of building a new life for myself. We each need to train our minds to think what we want it to and focus on what we want it to! Otherwise it is like a teenager lose at the mall 🙂

Your Body: Food is Medicine. Food can cause our moods. Sugar and carbs are most often brewing fear in us…watch what you eat and note how you feel afterwards. Rededicate yourself to living in alignment with your Soul and with the center of your being LOVE…so that your diet reflects this dedication. I start my day with a green drink I create. And each season presents me with new challenges. Such as summer and dehydration and intestinal dryness as I run a lot of fire 🙂 so I have found Aloe to be a nice addition to my water!

Your Energetic You: Don’t forget your past, your habits and emotions! That is where a Soul Direct Energy Session can really catapult you forward out of the old and into an entirely new way of being! And fast!

Moving forward into a life we really want to be living is a multi – dimensional adventure of healing. You have to give attention to all the parts of who you are and it can be overwhelming at times.

That is why my last bit of advice for you to consider is…DON’T TRY TO DO ALL OF THIS ALONE!

If you are resistant to needing some assistance…ask yourself “Why am I blocking myself from getting the love, support and energetic boost I need?”

Seek out folks you resonate with! Folks that are into Empowering YOU to know yourself and heal yourself! Seek out folks that know YOU know all your answers! Folks that are simply there to get you deeper into yourself.

That, in addition to your efforts on the home front, will open you up to being in an action adventure movie where you are the STAR!

Sing Your Soul Free,                                     

Tina FireWolf