Let’s face it. No, seriously. Take a moment right now and ASK yourself the real question:

Why are you not taking the time to care for yourself in the way you know you truly need and desire?

Recently, I read an article on some big name blog entitled something like, “Self Care When You Are Burned Out.”

It listed a variety of things to do to care for yourself. Number one was:

  1. Spend time with friends.

Don’t know about you, but when I was burned out from my 8 years of teaching Middle School Science I hid from the world for months. Spending time with folks was really low on my list. My friends in my most inner circle cared for me, but I was hardly out “hanging out” with friends.

Where is this push coming from that we need to be social?

I spent years deeply alone in the woods. Now, while I realize this is not for everyone – I do feel that everyone could benefit from some of this time.

I mean, honestly, if you are here to experience a deeper truer sense of your Soul, then how are you going to get there by looking outside of yourself hanging out with others?

Here is my invitation for you if you are a bit burned out…

Let yourself be burned out.

There is great power in allowing what is – to be fully present, accepted, and loved.

Tap into the mind’s chatter which is perhaps telling you some big story about how you need to go out, get involved, and do new things etc…and the worst of all to “keep busy.”


Yes, I just said – bullshit.

The only person that really knows what you need is YOU.

So, if you tap into yourself and you need to rest deeply for weeks on end, then do so.

How do you tap into yourself?

I am all about the How, because I believe firmly if we knew a better way we would be walking it…so learn the How and lead yourself Home.

The beginning of walking Home looks like you ASKING yourself loads of questions and learning to discern your Soul speaking to you from your mind.

Questions such as “What would make me feel less burned out?”

Through asking these questions you gain an understanding of what feels good vs. what feels like fear, pressure, and following along.

So if you have tapped into your Soul and you discover it feels fantastic to live in silence for 2 weeks, then send your friends and family a note that says:

“I am entering into a period of a “Stillness Practice” and that requires me to be silent for the next 2 weeks. So, I will not be available via any technology. If you need to contact me leave me a voice mail and if it is of an immediate matter I will contact you. Otherwise, see you on the flipside.”

Or some such wording that works for you.

There is no one-way to walk through life. You are here to have your very own unique experience. So gather all your courage and define life for yourself.

What works for some may not work for others. It is our privilege to be able to uncover what feels good to each of us and redefine life for ourselves.

So I encourage you to take your time.

This I find to be a part of Extraordinary Self Care.

Don’t fret; the pendulum will swing back and forth from one extreme to the other as you find your way into a definition of Self Care that feels balanced for you.

And during this process, you will again rebuild the trust in yourself that you can actually lead your Self Home.

If what you crave is Deep Time with yourself – and you aren’t taking it – you may need to do some real Soul Searching as to why you are not allowing yourself what you need.

People come to me often with this very desire, so often that I have created a service to honor this need.

These sessions are called Deep Soul Time and are tailored for you. We spend 8 weeks together with a focus of building a rhythm to your days where you can sustain the level of consciousness you create, building a relationship to the core of your Soul and clearing your pathway to it. All the while gaining Tools, Tips and Tales that usher you into a graceful navigation of your humanness and interactions as a Being fully alive. Through these things, along with the energy of Source (call it what you will) that flows through each session your transformation is gained.

Give me a call. 828-329-9589  Let’s share our hearts and see if we are a good team for your walk Home.

Sing Your Soul Song,

Tina FireWolf